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Podcast Preview

>Wondering what we are going to talk about first? Check out our podcast when we review:

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Indie Comic Review: Ex Machina

One of the things I look forward to about vacations is it gives me a chance to get caught up on my reading. I try to read books that people have loaned me first so that i can return them … Continue reading

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Dr. McNinja

Absolutely hilarious. Sheer awesomeness begins on page 13.

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Comics To Film

I had a blast last week blogging about horror comics. This week I thought I would look at comics in film. It seems that every time we turn around, there is another film based on a comic hitting the theater. … Continue reading

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Creepy Comics

Every so often people ask me why I read comics. For most people, the last time they saw a comic was probably in elementary school, and involved either Jughead or someone who can’t remember to put heir underwear on UNDER … Continue reading

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Indie Comic Review: The Middle Man

My wife and I had a guilty pleasure this summer. No, not that kind of guilty pleasure! That was all pleasure and no guilt! No. Our pleasure was reserved for Monday nights when we would flip on the TV and … Continue reading

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Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Yesterday in the mail I received a huge stack of comics from the wonderful and talented Julia Wertz. Her comic, The Fart Party is an always entertaining look at the life of the artist! The title begs you to open … Continue reading

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