Indie Comic Review: The Middle Man

My wife and I had a guilty pleasure this summer. No, not that kind of guilty pleasure! That was all pleasure and no guilt!

No. Our pleasure was reserved for Monday nights when we would flip on the TV and tune in to The MiddleMan.

I knew about the concept from picking up an issue or two of the comic book. Emmy was a bit reluctant to watch. I mean, imagine your loved one inviting you to sit on the couch and watch a TV show, based on a comic book, about a woman who finds herself recruited to be part of a secret organization that saves the world from strange and unusual dangers. Oh yeah, it’s a comedy.

After the first episode, she was hooked. It was well-written, serviceably acted, and always entertaining.

Part of the charm was the campiness of it. Apparently, ABC Family offered the producers a $17 million budget for the entire series (mere pocket change) but gave them complete freedom! What ensues has the creative energy and enthusiasm that usually only comes from British television (where creativity runs high and budgets run low).

It is unclear when The MiddleMan will be released on DVD. It is even more unclear if there will be a season 2. However, you can still join in the fun!

A collection of the three comic book adventures has just been released. It is available from Amazon for way less than cover price and waaaaaaaaaay less than if you bought the individual issues.

This is an enjoyable read whether you are a fan of comic book, spy movies, or parodies of either. It will have you laughing and turning pages to see how the adventure unfolds. I highly recommend it!

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