Indie Comic review: The Trugglemat

Imagine a twisted and creepy Shel Siverstein poem. Got it in your head? That is the kind of manic magic that flows from The Trugglemat, a mini-comic by Neil Brideau.

The Trugglemat is, essentially, the boogey-man who comes and steals kids in the night. Despite the insistence of the narrator that she has seen this monster, the adults in the community refuse to believe her, and the kids keep disappearing.

Told in alternating pages of rhyme and illustration, this 16 page book is a delight to read and look at. The poetry brings a smile to your face as you read it, and the pictures are richly detailed. Every time you look through this book you spot something new, or laugh once again at the poem.

While other “all-ages” comics tend to skew a bit young, The Trugglemat is the kind of story that can truly be enjoyed by kids and adults. Kids will laugh at the lunacy of it all, and adults will take pleasure in the demented fun. What could be better?

This book is available for a mere buck from Brideau’s website. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy for yourself and your friends. This is the kind of comic you will pass around for all to enjoy!

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