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Indie Comic Review: Trilobite

It is a rare event when you stumble across a mini-comic that is good. I hate to say it, but there is more crap put out as mini-comics than there are fish in the sea. Just because you have access … Continue reading

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Indie Comic Review: Won Ton Soup (A Space Trucker Cooking Opera)

>Do you like Scott Pilgrim, Fear Agent, and/or Iron Chef? The graphic novel written and drawn by James Stokoe, mixes elements from all three of these areas to create a light hearted sci-fi romp with an insider’s look at galactic … Continue reading

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Indie Comic Review: Transhuman and Heathentown

Podcast #6: Transhuman and Heathentown Review Music is Deadbolt by Thrice

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Indie Comic review: White Rapids

> One of the things I enjoy the most about being part of this blog is that I am always learning about artists and writers outside of the mainstream. One of my favorite discoveries has been Pascal Blanchet. It was … Continue reading

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Indie Comic Review: SubCulture: The TPB

SubCulture: The TPB Writer: Kevin Freeman Artist: Stan Yan Publisher: APE Entertainment Price: $16.95 I am a bit torn on this collection. On the one hand, I recognize myself (and others) in the characters of Jason, Noel, Arthur, and the … Continue reading

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