Indie Comic Review: Anna Mercury and Darkness from Warsaw Review

Anna Mercury by Warren Ellis and Darkness from Warsaw Review Podcast #10

Music is Old Devil Moon Performed by Chet Baker

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  1. Bram says:

    >Sorry that Warsaw wasn’t your thing. It’s tough to hear criticism of your work, but I do appreciate you offering thoughts on what would’ve made the book more appealing to you. It’s interesting, some of the things you felt were left out, I omitted for one reason or another; for example, Rucka’s Q&C is one of my favorites, and didn’t want to do a rehash of what he did so well. Other of your points I’m digesting and figuring out how to apply in future projects.I do think it’s great that you’re seeking out books from independents and giving them exposure. It’s tough working in a vacuum, and it’s not often small press folks get reviewed alongside Warren Ellis.And to your listeners who now, for one reason or another (and, y’know, I have gotten the occasional good review here and there), have just got to see it now, I’ll do a money-back guarantee. Order The Darkness From Warsaw (or any other of our books) and let me know that Stumptown Trade Review sent you.

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