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Indie Comic Review: Dungeon and Air (vol. 1)

We review eisner nominated Air by G. Willow Wilson and M.K. Perker and Dungeon by Sfar, Lewis Trondheim, and Boulet. Podcast Review of Dungeon and Air

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Indie Comic Review: For Your Comfort

The undisputed hit of Stumptown were the small pamphlets from It was a common site to see someone run up to a group of friends exclaiming, “Oh my God! You have got to see what I just found!” Invariable, … Continue reading

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Indie Comic Review: Gettysburg

Once I heard about the Gettysburg graphic novel, I knew I had to check it out. It has nothing to do with the 450 pound man(ironically named “Tiny”) in biker gear gushing about how good a book it was, and … Continue reading

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Indie Comic Review: The Neil Brideau Experience

Neil Brideau was on my “must see” list for Stumptown. I had stumbled across his mini-comic, The Trugglemat, and had enjoyed it thoroughly. So, when I saw that he was coming to Stumptown, I knew I had to stop by … Continue reading

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Interview with Jeff Smith and Discussion about Stumptown Comics Fest

We would like to thank Jeff Smith sitting down and talking with us. He is a very cool, down to earth kind of guy, and it was a lot of fun speaking with him. Jeff Smith Interview and Stumptown Comic … Continue reading

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Indie Comic Review: Sorry

Sorry 7″x7″, 52 pages $6.00 Available for order here Sorry is the of a collection of four square anthologies revolving around classic board games (Sorry, Trial Pursuit, Scrabble, and Life) from I Know Joe Kimpel. It includes stories by Colleen … Continue reading

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Indie Comic Review: Oubliette

Two of the most interesting comics I picked up at the Stumptown Comic Fest this year were a pair of comics by Kenan Rubenstein. I have included a picture of the books so you can get an idea of how … Continue reading

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