Several years ago Top Shelf published a mini-series called Surrogates about a future society where people sent out cybernetically controlled surrogates to live out their lives for them. Of course, being a Utopian idea, there has to be someone who comes along and screws it all up!

It was an entertaining series and a pretty good mystery as well.

Being that Hollywood has a full-on love affair with comics at the moment, of course there is a movie in the works. I have to admit, the trailer doesn’t look half-bad.

SURROGATES trailer in HD,t=1,mt=video

In a solid marketing move, Top Shelf just released a trade collection of the mini-series so it is available in finer retail establishments nation-wide. I think they are hoping to catch some of the buzz that Watchmen had (people see the trailer and rush out to buy the graphic novel). Here’s to hoping it works. Top Shelf is a great little company that deserves this kind of exposure!

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