Indie Comic Review: Prune Hands?

Prune Hands
Story & Art by Mario van Buren
Publisher: I Know Joe Kimpel
Price $3

There are people who can handle the sight of blood, and then there is my wife. This weekend I was putting the finishing touches on my new chicken coop when I managed to drive a screw through my thumb. Now, that hurt like hell. But, it was a fact of life. It hurt, it was bleeding, I needed a band-aid. My wife took one look at my thumb, turned green, and went inside. The same thing happened the next day when I sliced my index finger on the sheet metal siding of the coop.

Why am I telling you all this? Because Prune Hands, by Mario Van Buren, captures the essence of my weekend. However, instead of it being something as benign as driving a fastener through a digit, Van Buren’s story centers around a character whose fingers fall off after washing too many dishes.

Just as an injury was bound to happen to me on a project so monumental as the construction as housing for livestock, it seems only logical that after a mountainous load of dishes, one’s fingers would absorb enough water that the fingers would turn pruny and fall off. Instead of panicking and freaking out, Van Buren’s character does what any self-respecting man would do…he shows them to his girlfriend. To say that hilarity ensues would be an understatement.

Prune Hands is more than just a mini-comic. It is a study in the fundamental difference between men and women. It humorously and truthfully shows why there is so little understanding between the sexes. It is a must read!

Van Buren continues to show that he is a master of pacing and panel composition. The story is almost completely wordless, but it still manages to tell a satisfying and complete story. There are surprises, laughs, and some moments that seem right out of your own life (even if you have never lost an appendage).

Prune Hands is available from only the finest of retailers (if your retailer does not have it, then you should demand that they order the full MvB catalog!) or from the I Know Joe Kimpel website. Order it now, before your fingers fall off!!

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