Archaia + Amazon = True Love

Amazon and Archaia have entered in to deal to release original graphic novels directly on to the Kindle 2!

“[T]he online retailer has teamed with graphic novel publisher Archaia to publish Tumor, an original graphic novel by writer Joshua Fialkov and artist Noel Tuazon, initially in a digital edition formatted specifically for the Kindle; Tumor will be released serially on the Kindle before a hardcover print edition is published three to six months later. This is the first time Amazon has published a graphic novel specifically designed for the Kindle 2.”

This could very well be the the game changer that digital distribution has been looking for. While the new Longbox service has the potential for hosting a wide variety and selection of titles, nothing so far has matched the Kindle as far as digital reading devices. I think as soon as the Kindle 3 is released (including color display) the gap between the theory and the reality of digital publication will have been bridged. Just as it took iTunes and the iPod to truly bring the world portable digital music, the Kindle may just be what is needed to create a satisfying digital comic book reading experience.

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