Echo Optioned for Silver Screen!

Variety reports that Terry Moore’s new series, Echo, has been optioned by producer Lloyd Levin. Levin has produced films such as Watchmen and the two Hellboy Movies. Reportedly the deal is worth six-figures for Moore.

This is great news for Moore. While there have always been rumors about a Strangers in Paradise movie, they never really materialized. Echo seems like the kind of property that Hollywood might understand a bit better.

Echo’s story revolves around Julie, a young photographer who inadvertently discovers a hi-tech Battle suit. Moore has said the premise of Echo is a woman living in today’s America who is dealing with a sudden unbelievable change to her daily life. With its blend of sci-fi and character development, Echo seems to have something for everyone!

Check out our podcast review of volume 1. Volume 2 is in stores now!

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