Indie Comic Review: Fart Party

Julia Wertz is back with a new print collection of her webcomic, Fart Party. While the first collection was fantastic and entertaining, the second collection is even more personal and intimate than the original. Why? Because, in this volume, Wertz comes clean.

In volume 1, Wertz and her long-time boyfriend, Oliver break up. While that is true, the way she portrayed it in that collection is not exactly how things went down. So, in volume 2, she sets the record straight. It is a brave move considering she could have left the story alone and none of us would have been any wiser. Wertz lets us see the relationship crumble and no one walks away unscathed.

But don’t let that get you down. The book is full of laugh-out-loud comics that help to solidify Wertz as one of the internet’s best cartoonists.

From single panel comics to multi page arcs, Wertz brings to light the funny and real moments of day to day life in San Francisco and New York. while the specifics of her life may not fit any other person (or they may fit many other people…who knows!), the honesty of her day to day experiences translates across age, gender, and geographic demographics. In short, it is fun to laugh at her (and with her) no matter who you are or where you live.

No part of Wertz’s life is left unexplored. From her childhood to her current job frustrations, there is a rich and detailed look at life. Her relationships with friends, family, and coworkers are a rich fodder for dissecting the human condition. But, again, this is done without any sense of self-preservation or desire to make things out to be better or worse than they really are. Wertz simply revels in the humor of the every-day experience.

One of my favorite elements of Fart Party is that Wertz allows herself to fully explore the possibilities of the printed page. Instead of using words to describe her frustrations, fantasies, and foibles (yes, I worked hard to come up with 3 “F” words that didn’t rhyme with “Duck”), she puts pen to page and creates a graphic example that carries the day.For people (like me!) who have follow Fart Party regularly, there are bonus features that are not available on her website. Included are new comics, as well as mini-comics which have since gone out of print. So, even if you think you have seen it all, there is still so much more!!!! If you haven’t checked out Fart Party yet, head over to the website, check out the archives, then order yourself a copy! You’ll be glad you did!!!

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