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Indie Comic Review: World of Tomorrow and Unknown Soldier

A review of World of Tomorrow by Brian Fies and Unknown Soldier by Joshua Dysart and Alberto Ponticelli Music: One and One, by This Day Forward

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I liked it so much I bought it!

We at stumptown trade liked You Have Killed me by Jamie S. Rich and Joelle Jones so much that I bought two original pages. Here they are framed and on my wall. They are pages 19 and 20. If you … Continue reading

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Indie Comic Review: Pax Romana and Frankenstein’s Womb

We review Frankenstein’s Womb by Warren Ellis and Marek Oleksicki and Pax Romana by Jonathan Hickman Music: Slow Down a Second by 7 Seconds

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Indie Comic Review: The Big Kahn and Surrogates: Flesh and Bone

A review of The Big Kahn and Surrogates Flesh and Bone Music: I Burn Today by Frank Black

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