Indie Comic Review: What Is This?

Neil Brideau is back with a new mini-comic!What Is This? tells the story of a boy and the alien that crashes in to his bedroom one night.What could be better??? Hasn’t every child hoped and imagined that a friendly alien would come crashing through his or her bedroom ceiling?Anyone?I can’t be alone in this!!!

The story unfolds in a logical manner…logical for a 6 year old.There is no alarm or concern that the spaceship has landed in the bedroom.The two kids (the alien is also a child) immediately become good friends the same way children who meet on a playground are able to immediately become friends and play as if they have known each other for years.They laugh and play and experience the shared excitement of childhood adventures.

Told in simple sentences, the book works as both a children’s story and for adults as well.Children will laugh and enjoy the crazy things that the alien does as he experiences earth culture.Adults will enjoy the masterful cartooning and the detail that Brideau puts in to all aspects of his craft.I especially enjoyed the interesting trick in lettering the Brideau employs when the alien discovers a dinosaur.It is a magical moment where Brideau fully realizes all the potential of the visual storytelling medium.

Originally this comic was only available as part of the Uncle Envelope project.I am pleased that it is now available for everyone to enjoy and experience. I can’t wait to share this book with others.As the alien in the story so eloquently says, “I like it.I want more laughter.”I agree.I want more from Neil Brideau!

Available for a mere dollar on his etsy store! While you are there, pick up a copy of his equally awesome, and oh so creepy, Trugglemat!

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