My Christmas Letter

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good boy this year.I supported my local comic shop.I tried lots of new series and graphic novels.I supported self-publishers and zine-makers.I went to the Stumptown Comics Fest and saw all that fantastic creators.I bought a Girls Don’t Poop shirt from Mario van Buren.

So, Santa, since I was such a good boy this year, I have a few requests:

Since I already mentioned girls Don’t Poop (and I am wearing my awesome shirt!), could you please sprinkle some magic dust on Mario van Buren’s head and make him create a full-length Marsh comic?The Marsh is one of the most amazing comics out there right now, and it is only available in short, 8 page, self-published bursts.I would love to see a 64 page (or longer, but I’m not greedy, Santa!) story that fleshes out the world and gives the reader the squirmies.

Speaking of feeling squirmy, could we get a new issue or two of Fell?Those were some amazing comics.I would trade all the Anna Mercurys, the Doktor Sleeplesses, Ignition cities, and Marvel animation projects for a few Issues of Fell and a resolution to the Desolation Jones story arc.Maybe if you filled Ellis’ stocking with Red Bull?

Also, speaking of issues that I would like to see, could you please figure out all the legal hassles so that Oni Press can finally publish the completed issue of Barry Ween in Space?It would be awesome…and long overdue.Forget Marvelman/Miracleman, what would make my holiday a little brighter would be a big dose of Barry Ween!

And didn’t Greg Rucka also have a comic about Mount Everest?If you could be so kind as to get that one published as well, that would be awesome!I mean, we finally got Stumptown (which is awesome, by the way!), could Facing the Goddess be far behind?

Santa, do you think you could make Boom! the number 5 comic book publisher?I mean, they publish the awesome Irredeemable comic, and the new Incorruptible book looks to be just as awesome.Apparently Diamond is betting against Boom!.Isn’t that kind of counter-productive?Shouldn’t Diamond be excited about having more companies selling more books (and buying more ad space in Previews?!?!)?Why not shake it up a bit?So lots of Boom! books for all!!! See, it isn’t just about me.I want good presents for other people too!

But if you were going to get something for me, you could get Julia Wertz to make a run of Fart Party t-shirts so I could get one (size large!).

I also want Bendis and Oeming to publish at least 6 issues of Powers and a trade paperback.It seems like every year we get a couple of issues and nothing else.Six issues is a nice number and it gets collected handily in a TPB.Think of all the joy that a new Powers TPB will bring all the boys and girls (well, actually all the adults since Powers is only intended for mature audiences).

And how about a satisfying ending to two great series: Ex Machina and Fear Agent?There are two series that have yet to disappoint.Ex Machina managed to make politics the most important part of a superhero book without making it feel contrived, and Fear agent is the best space cowboy since Malcolm Reynolds (or Steve Miller if you were notFirefly fan).So, can you see to it that Brian Vaughn, Tony Harris, Rick Remender, Mike Hawthorne, and Tony Moore come up with endings that don’t suck.Think Y the Last Man as opposed to Grant Morrison’s run on New X-men.Even though there is supposed to be a relaunch of Fear Agent on the horizon (to coincide with the movie), can we get an ending that is a true ending?It would suck if it was a cliffhanger or left too many dangling plot threads to be picked up “later”, then Remender got swallowed entirely by Marvel and the movie stayed in development hell. So let’s skip all that and just get a good ending.

Speaking of movies, can you see to it that the Scott Pilgrim movie be just as awesome as the books?I’m tired of being disappointed by comic book movies.So, if you could find it in your bag of goodies to make Scott Pilgrim a must-see movie, I would also appreciate that.The recent slew of comic book movies hasn’t thrilled me, but I really think Scott Pilgrim could be something very special.With your help I know it can be!

Lastly, I would love another year just as amazing as this year.Asterios Polyp.Stitches.Scott Pilgrim.League of Extraordinay Gentlemen: Century.Young Liars.Echo.RASL. It seemed like every time I turned around there was something amazing being released.Could the new year be even better?Is it possible that there are twelve more months of amazing comics on the horizon?Please, Santa, make it happen! (Okay, RASL rarely came out…but when it did, it was fantastic!!!)

So, there you go Santa.There is my list for this year.I know that most of these things cannot fit under the tree (except the Fart Party t-shirt, don’t forget…size large), and many will not even see the light of day until later in the year.But, I have faith in you that you can make these things happen.Don’t let me down!



P.S. There is an extra shot of egg nog if you can find me two really awesome webcomics to replace DAR and Fart Party.

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  1. snapcasezx3 says:

    >Great post! My request would be that all of the great independent creators that were swooped up by the big two this year (I'm looking at you Hickman) continue to make great independent comics. If this year could be like last year for indie comics, I would be very happy.

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