A Response from Peter Gross

Peter Gross, artist for the DC/Vertigo series, The Unwritten, was kind enough to write in with some comments about our review of The Unwritten (vol. 1). With his permission, here is his response:

Hi Guys,

I just listened to your great review of The Unwritten trade–Thanks for the kind words!

I just wanted to reassure you about Mike asking for reader input. That’s not quite what happened; the Vertigo blog Graphic Content asked readers what sort of stories they’d like to see us touch on, and Mike and I both posted that we were reading the replies with interest. But let me reassure you, it hasn’t affected any plans we had for our story. We are interested in what readers see as great enduring fictions, and if someone mentioned a great one that we haven’t considered we could conceivably work it in, but that would only happen if it fit in with our overall plan for the story (which is thought out through the ending but has a bit of flexibility in it). For instance, with issue #5 we originally intended to focus on a different author but Mike came across some info on Kipling that turned him in that direction instead. If someone happens to mention a story that fits our plans better, we’d jump all over it–but not because we’re asking for help or inspiration.
Thanks again for the review. We really appreciate the support and thanks to google auto searches we got to see your review and podcast. It’s really nice to know someone’s out there reading what we do! I can promise that the book is just going to get better and better as it progresses–and you will find out much more about Pullman but not until year 2!Best,
Peter Gross

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