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ECCC ’10 Interview with Rick Remender

  We sit down with Rick Remender to talk Fear Agent, The Last Days of American Crime, Frankencastle, and lots of other fun topics at ECCC ’10! Note:  Unfortunately we suffered technical difficulties during the recording of this interview.  … Continue reading

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ECCC ’10 Interview with Matt Kindt

  We sit down with Matt Kindt to talk about Super Spy, 3 Story, and some of is upcoming projects.

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ECCC ’10 Interview with Jim Rugg

  We catch up with Jim Rugg at Emerald City to talk about Afrodesiac and The Guild. Check out our pic of Jim holding his “What’s Your Issue?” comic!

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ECCC ’10 Interview with David Mack

We sit down with David Mack to talk about Kabuki, Electric Ant, and some of his upcoming projects.

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ECCC ’10 Interview with Danielle Corsetto

  We sit down with Danielle Corsetto to talk about the phenomenon that is  the webcomic Girls With Slingshots.

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ECCC ’10 Interview with Erika Moen

  We sit down with Erika Moen to talk about her webcomic, DAR, and the trials and tribulations of being an autobiographical cartoonist.

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We Have a Winner!

Well, two actually! Congratulations to Matt W. and Troy B.! They are the winners of our Deadman Wonderland contest! Keep your eyes peeled for more contests! Matt and Troy, keep your eyes peeled for your books!

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