Indie Comic Review: Flaccid Badger


Flaccid Badger is about as pure of a concept as you can get.  There is a badger.  He is limp.  that’s the entire concept.  And, I must say, it is brilliant!

I picked up the two Flaccid Badger mini-comics at this year’s Stumptown Comic Fest and immediately fell in love.  The thin books are full of site gags and irreverent humor that make even the most hardened and jaded reader smile.

In Flaccid Badger Wants and Apple, the main character goes in search of an apple.  He seeks out all of his animal friends to enlist their assistance in his mission.  Unfortunately, none of them are in any condition to help him.

In Flaccid Badger: Ninja Assassin, we find out how such a seemingly easy mark as a limp badger has survived so long in the harsh outdoors.  It is a comic that is truly worth seeking out.

Cat Farris has a wonderfully clean, yet cartoony style which she uses to maximum effect.  Her characters are full of personality and back-story, despite only appearing for a panel or two.  It seems that Flaccid Badger exists in a fully realized and exciting world.

Farris’ sense of comedic timing is spot-on.  Each page offers a satisfying gag, while allowing the overall story to build to a satisfying  conclusion.

You can check out the full Flaccid Badger Wants an Apple over at Cat Farris’ website.  Once you have perused it, be sure to contact her and order the even better (in my opinion) Flaccid Badger: Ninja Assassin.  You won’t be sorry!

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2 Responses to Indie Comic Review: Flaccid Badger

  1. cattifer says:

    >Wow!! Thank you so much for this glowing review! I really really really appreciate it! I just have one correction to post…. My last name is actually Farris, not Ellis. I think I must have had a printing error that I missed correcting in the rush to reprint before Stumptown.I'm super glad you liked it, and I hope to have more for next year!Thanks again!Cat

  2. garbonzo says:

    >Thanks for pointing out the error. I was a bit confused myself!!!Can't wait to see more Flaccid Badger adventures!!!

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