Indie Comic Review: Axe Cop

>OK…So there is going to be a lot of hyperbole in the review, I just have to get that out of the way. Axe Cop is Awesome! Awesome is not an adjective here, Awesome is a noun. Imagine the best thing that could ever happen to you; winning the lottery, a gold medal, or a Nobel prize. Multiply that by a 1,000 million and you are getting close. We are talking about dinosaur soldiers, unicorn babies, and werewolf ninja wizard vampires from the moon. No working writer can come up with this kind of awesomocity, that is because Axe Cop is written by a 5 year old. Just when you think Axe Cop can not get any wilder, writer Malachai changes all of the rules. As we age, we place all of these filters on our imagination. What makes Axe Cop so much fun, is that you will never know where it is going to go next.

My inner five year used to cry at night for ignoring him (this isn’t really true I play a lot of video games, read a lot of comic books and have more fun than a grown man should…Just ask my wife) this comic makes that little boy very happy. Reading the episodes really is like being back in that head-space where anything is possible and often I found my self laughing out loud.

Ethan (Malachai’s brother) draws the comic and does a great job stringing together the awesome ideas Malachai creates. He is the real reason this comic works. If you have a child drawing and writing a comic it is almost unreadable. Ethan inserts pacing, cinematography, and polished look that allows this to work. This project wouldn’t be a success in any other medium and the frantic pacing would be jarring , but it works surprisingly well here.

Here is some very important things you will learn in this informative comic: If you get blood spilled on you, you gain the power of the being whose blood it was, Satan has fighter pilots, a golden chainsaw blade can cut through anything. There are a lot of great ideas, and why has there never been the villain Dr. Stinky Head before? Where are you my favorite writers? You are getting schooled by a five year old. So, if you think that Star Wars with dinosaurs, ninjas, vampires, superheroes, and sharks would be awesome, your right and you should read this comic.

Get Your Face Awesomed by Axe Cop!

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