Indie Comic Review: Biomega
Sometimes Thor and I will read a book and talk about it, but the conversation never makes it to the recording studio.  Often times the conversations happen over Chinese buffet, or perusing the shelves at Floating World.  By the time we get back to STR Headquarters, the moment has passed.

Every so often, though, we  have a conversation entirely via text messages.  Recently we had a conversation about Biomega vol. 1 that would have made for a fair review had we actually had a microphone to record the confabulation.  So, instead of trying to recreate the magic in the studio, I am just going to transcribe the conversation right here.

Standard messaging rates may apply

B: I am Reading Biomega vol. 1 right now.  Then I will tackle Vagabond (Note: Thor gave me the Vizbig edition of Vagabond to read.  It was AMAZING, but we will get to that another time!).

B: Biomega is rated M for “Motorcycle violence, mind blowing cinematic stunts and extreme grizzly bear.”  It is pretty fucking awesome.

Two days later:

B: Did you read Biomega?

T: Yes

B: And?

T: It was okay i am interested in more. It felt light.

B: Ok?  There was a grizzly bear and a cyborg riding a motorcycle, fleeing from zombies!  That is practically a wet dream of awesomitude! But I agree, it was a bit light.  I have the second volume if you want to borrow it.  It goes in to more detail about the companies and the situation.

T: There was no explanation 4 the grizzly bear or cyborg.  No development. Just action. I didn’t have any reason to be scared of the bad guy or fear 4 the little girl.

B: Of course not. It was too busy being awesome!

T: The rules of the world weren’t defined in any way.

B: Volume 2 goes in to it a bit more.

T: I do want more but being awesome isn’t enough.  That’s why I didn’t like sea bear/shark. (Look for our review of Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark coming soon!)

B: Sea Bear wasn’t awesome.  It was stupid.  It could have been, but it wasn’t.  Biomega actually succeeds at being awesome.  It is awesome enough to keep you interested and bring you back for more.  And, like I said, volume 2 dials down the action and fills in much of the back story.

B: It even manages to make us fear for the main character who, in volume 1, is nigh invincible.

T: That’s cool. I do want to read it. Stupid Vagabond (volume 8) leaves on a cliffhanger. Now I have to wait.

B: Should have savored it!

T: I know… :(

B: I have the rest of the Biomega volumes ordered.

And with that we went on to talk about less important/relevant topics. (Such as why the Wallabies are a far superior team to the Springboks)

Biomega is a fantastically fun read that leaves you slack-jawed by the sheer awesomeness of it all. Every time you think it can not get any more amazing than what you just read, you turn the page and you are struck by an image that is even more incredible than the one before. It is well worth seeking out and finding the first two volumes! (Or, you could click on the ad on our review and order them from Amazon!)

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