Indie Comic Review: Samurai and Dinosaurs


Sometimes there is something said that just makes perfect sense.  It is pure.  It is clean.  It is right.  You know, as soon as you hear it, and you wonder why no one has thought of it before…like Snakes on a Plane.  Just because the movies wasn’t nearly as awesome as the conceit does not mean that it wasn’t a complete failure. It just meant that the execution was not able to keep up with the idea.  
Michael Murphy and Sergio Galvet have managed to come up with another perfect idea: Samurai and Dinosaurs.
Just let that soak in for a moment.
When I opened up the email from Mike Murphy, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  He had asked if I would review his comic, but didn’t give me any indication what I was in for.  When I opened the .pdf and saw that first image, I knew I was in for a treat.
What could have been a parody, or worse…a failure, is actually a compelling story with plenty of heart and pathos.  Yes, pathos.  From a story with samurai AND dinosaurs.
At its core, Samurai and Dinosaurs follows the same path as the movie, Predator.  There is something in the wilds beyond the borders that is killing.  A group of samurai are assembled by their Lord to hunt and destroy it.  Many of the men are reluctant.  Some have secrets.  Some have motives that may not be in line with the rest of the group.  What they encounter along the way is far more terrifying than they could have imagined.  
As the story unfolds, the somewhat unwieldy cast is pared down to a more manageable number.  But, even though the cast is large, there is little dead weight.  Most, if not all of the characters have a real reason to be in the story.  They are not there to up the body count.  The characters are there to serve some purpose, whether it is to provide perspective, perform a task, or just to be a sounding board.  In the end, all characters meet the fate they deserve.  Yes, even the dinosaurs!
Samurai and Dinosaurs lives up to the promise of its title.  Better yet, it actually exceeds it!  So do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Samurai and Dinosaurs!  
Samurai and Dinosaurs is available in two convenient formats:  
A .pdf download is available for $5 directly from Michael Murphy
A printed copy is available for $12.95 from Indyplanet
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