ONI Goes Nerdcore!

Today Oni Press announced that comic book nerdcore rapper, Adam WarRock is releasing a 20 track album inspired by Oni Press creators and their work.

Cory Casoni, Director of Sales & Marketing for Oni says, “The ONI PRESS MIXTAPE features master lyricist Adam WarRock giving his spin to Oni comics including: Queen & Country, Super Pro KO, Possessions, The Sixth Gun, Hopeless Savages, Wasteland, Salt Water Taffy, Guerillas, The Crogan Adventures, and Stumptown. The album also features interlude tracks with creators Antony Jonston, Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, Greg Rucka, Jarrett Williams, and Jen Van Meter!”
The best part about it? It’s free!!!!! So go grab yourself the ONI PRESS MIXTAPE at his website!
And if you’re in the Seattle area this weekend, Adam WarRock will be preforming tracks from his new album live at Kracklefest, on March 5th during Emerald City Comicon. 

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