Indie Comic Review: Seeds


Ross Mackintosh has created something special with his new graphic novel, Seeds. What could have been a book filled with sappy, over the top dialogue and tear-jerking flashbacks is instead a book filled with sympathy and subtlety.

Seeds follows the life that Ross experienced as his father’s life came to an end. It is as much about finding a life as it is about losing one. And, in that, Seeds becomes a book of hope instead of a depressing march to the inevitable.

There are no easy or predictable moments in Seeds. As I began the book, I was expecting there to be drawn out scenes in the hospital, with family members sitting around the patient, pouring out their hearts exile reliving memories. Instead I found something much more personal..and more familiar to me.

My grandmother passed away from cancer in 1997. It was nothing like the movies (or comics). There re nights of sitting around playing cards. There were trips to the store. There were hours of tv watching. All of this was spent just waiting for the time we all knew was coming. It was a surreal experience to be a the supermarket, buying peanut butter and knowing that a loved one was at home, dying. It was a helpless feeling.  Mackintosh captured that feeling perfectly. In so doing, he bridged the gap between a book about cancer, and the cancer experience.

A portion of the proceeds from the book will go to cancer charities. But, more importantly, the book may bring comfort for those touched by cancer. It may give them the knowledge that they are not alone.

Seeds is available for pre-order in the current (February) issue of previews.  Be sure to request it from your local comic retailer!( Or from the convenient link below!)

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