Cognition Preview

I hear a lot of comic pitches.

A lot.

But when I was cruising the tables at Emerald City, I heard one that caught my attention:
Cognition: The Robot Uprise
The comic book series about Sid, the first self-aware robot, his life, his music, his friends and why he decides to destroy humanity.

I had to admit, the premise had some potential. The guys behind the table went on to explain that this was going to be a multi-media experience with electronic music created to go along with the comic. He shoved a xeroxed copy of the comic in my hand.

The cover was quite striking. The interior was fantastic. In short, I could not wait to see more!

Apparently the book will be released in June. Stay tuned for more! While you are waiting, check out this preview, as well as the two trailers they produced!

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