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Here is a look at what we are ordering from this month’s (April) Previews, shipping in June:

Brian’s list:
Star Wars: Knight Errant (vol. 1) – While the storytelling on Star Wars comics is often times a bit clunky and over the top (then again, wasn’t that true of the movies themselves???), Star Wars continues to be a product line that I can enjoy with my children. The stories are all ages in the best sense. There is something there for adults and kids.
From the solicitation – Kerra Holt is a new kind of Jedi for a new era of Star Wars! More than one thousand years before Luke Skywalker, the galaxy experiences a dark age as an ineffectual Republic abandons entire systems to Sith control. On her first mission, eighteen-year-old Jedi Kerra Holt has joined a band of Jedi volunteers traveling behind enemy lines. She thinks she is prepared for anything, but when the mission goes awry and she is left in Sith space without any support, Kerra realizes just how wrong she was. But she can’t abandon the mission or the colony that the Jedi came to help. This Jedi foundling has her work cut out for her: she is alone, unprepared, without resources, and stuck in a battle between two warring Sith brothers, Lord Odion and Lord Daiman!

Billy the Kid’s Old Time Oddities – Volume 1 is being reprinted in time for the new volume, The Ghastly Fiend of London. I will be picking up both volumes.
From the solicitation – The Wild West collides with Victorian horror in the latest assault on decency from the Eisner Award-winning creator of The Goon! The world believes the notorious outlaw Billy the Kid was killed by Pat Garrett, but in reality the Kid is very much alive, the hired gun of a traveling spectacle of biological curiosities – or “freaks,” as Billy calls them. In their past adventures, Billy and crew have faced a variety of supernatural terrors, but none of that has prepared them to confront their most vicious challenge yet: Jack the Ripper! Combining classic horror and sick humor, Eric Powell and artist Kyle Hotz invent all-new kinds of wrong! This volume also includes “Billy the Kid and the Pit of Horrors” from the Buzzard mini-series!

Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom – This is the fish or cut bait volume for me. I am on the tipping point. If this volume does not recapture some of the magic from the first, I’m done.
From the solicitationJoe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s Locke & Key unwinds into its fourth volume in Keys to the Kingdom! With more keys making themselves known, and the depths of the Locke’s family’s mystery ever-expanding, Dodge’s desperation to end his shadowy quest drives the habitants of Keyhouse ever closer to a revealing conclusion.

Hero Comics 2011 – I love the HERO Initiative and all that it does.Not to mention this looks like a pretty exciting lineup of creators! I can’t wait to read a new Gaiman, Kieth collaboration!!!
From the Solicitation – Hero Comics 2011 reunites the original Sandman creative team for the first time in more than 20 years! Gaiman, Kieth, Dringenberg, together again at last! This is BIG! This is THE BEATLES getting back together for one final album—this is an event that is not to be missed!
But that’s not all, we also have an exclusive CHEW short story by John Layman and Rob Guillory! Chew was one of the most honored and acclaimed books last year, taking the comics world by storm. Its meteoric rise included an Eisner Award for best new series of the year!
Plus, we’ve got a beauty of an ELEPHANTMAN story by Richard Starkings and Dougie Braithwaite!
Special bonus—Sam Kieth brings you a behind-the-scenes mini-memoir of how this Sandman-alum project came to be.
Plus true-to-life experiences from comics creators who have personally benefitted from the Hero Initiative!

Dungeons & Dragons: Shadowplague – I am on the fence about this one. I have not played D&D since I was a kid. I never read the D&D comics. Not a fan of Magic: The Gathering, or any other fantasy comic series (other than those Busiek Conan issues!). But I have heard some really good chatter about this book, and I am grooving on The Guild comics. Maybe it is time to dip my toes in to the water…We’ll see.
From the solicitation –
Beginning a new era in Dungeons & Dragons history! The genre-defining roleplaying game gets its first ongoing series in years! Join writer John Rogers (Blue Beetle) and artist Andrea Di Vito (Annihilation) as they bring us a tale of high adventure and deep secrets. Adric Fell leads a band of heroes in a world where civilization has been reduced to a few scattered points of light amid a rising tide of shadows.

Rodd Racer – When I read the solicitation, I could not stop laughing. I put on my best “announcer voice” and gave everyone in the room a second reading. If this is half as entertaining as the solicitation text reads (especially in announcer voice) then this could be awesome!
From the solicitation -
In a crowded futuristic city controlled by gangsters, the ThunderAlley Rally is the biggest racing event of a generation. The city’s greatest racers battle across the concrete jungle, through chasms of wet neon city streets for fame, glory, and sacrifice…But one racer races for much more. Rodd Racer races for revenge while the city’s deadliest killers chase him. Greatness has a price.

From the solicitation – When the woman that raised him is murdered, an assassin turns states evidence against his employers and is given a once in a lifetime chance to enter Operation Trailblazer – the most unique witness protection program in the world. Sent back in time to the Old West, the assassin begins a new life, but it isn’t long before his past and the future catches up with him.

27 – Another one of those “everyone is talking about it” comics. Going to see what all the fuss is about.
From the Solicitation – The dark mysteries of rock and roll royalty’s “27 Club” are revealed in this collection of the hit series. All the twists, all the action, all the weirdness, in one beautiful package! Full of extras, including an all-new 12-page backup story, it’s the most exciting thing to hit since the Beatles at Budokan!

Diary of a Zombie Kid – Yeah. This one is for my kids.
From the Solicitation – Middle school is horrific enough for any 5th grader’s first day. But for Bill Dookes, it’s a festering, rotting, undead nightmare! Since Bill’s deadbeat dad got arrested trying to burn the house down for the insurance, Mom’s had to make ends meet by volunteering to various medical research companies for cash. This would be fine if she hadn’t brought home a mysterious zombie virus! Now Bill has to deal with skin problems and body chemistry changes that make puberty look like a walk in the park! And then there’s his ever-growing appetite for BRAINS!

Thor’s List:
27 – Rock and comics I love it! I loved Mondo Urbano (honorable mention for 2010) and I hope that this is in that same vein.

Product DetailsKannagi Volume 1 – It is no secret that I love manga, and to me this is an aspect that I love: bat shit crazy.
From the Solicitation – Nagi’s a strange young girl – and not just because she popped out of a tree! She tells Jin (who’s a perfectly normal high school boy) that she’s a goddess. But is she really?

Product DetailsFame: Lady Gaga – A comic my wife is actually interested in.

Tank Tankuro: Prewar Works – The Pioneer of robot manga. This is like reading Golden Age comics it takes a bit of understanding to appreciate it, but I have been looking forward to investigating more of the roots modern manga.

A Zoo In Winter – I love Jiro Taniguchi he is the artist in one of my favorite manga: Summit of the Gods. I am looking forward to seeing more of his work.
From the Solicitation - Kyoto, 1966. The young Hamaguchi is working for a textile manufacturer whilst dreaming of becoming an artist, when an incident at the zoo forces his hand. He moves to T?ky? at the invitation of an old school friend who also arranges an “interview” at the studios of the famous mangaka, Shiro Kond?. Here he discovers both the long hours of meeting studio deadlines along with the nightlife and artistic haunts of the capital. For the first time ever, Taniguchi recalls his beginnings in manga and his youth spent in T?ky? in the 60′s. It is a magnificent account of his apprenticeship where all the finesse and elegance of the creator are united to illustrate those first emotions of adulthood.

Monster Hunter Orage Vol 1 – Surprise, surprise, another manga I am looking forward to. It seems like a pretty standard fantasy Shonen manga, but it has been getting a lot of advance hype.
From the Solicitation – As a child, Shiki was taken in as an apprentice to the monster hunter Gurelli. Years later, after Gurelli’s death, Shiki returns to his former master’s town Akamaya, looking to join a monster hunter’s guild. Once in a guild, he meets Irie, whom he discovers is Gurelli’s daughter. Shiki partners up with Irie to take up Gurelli’s life long goal of hunting down the legendary monster Miogaruna.

Product DetailsChibisan Date – This looks like a charming slice of life manga.
From the Solicitation – On the crescent-shaped island of Nantucket lives Seiji, a young Japanese artist pursuing his dreams.

Product DetailsDiary of a Crazed Family – Awesome! God of destruction and the family unit. ‘Nuff said.
From the Solicitation – A thousand years ago, Enka, the god of destruction, died leaving a prophecy that its “child” would one day destroy the world. In order to prevent this, “Operation Cozy Family” is implemented in which the children who are potentially prophesied as the “Child of Enka” are forced to live together. This impromptu family contains all children, human and otherwise, as well as an official of the bureau and a self-proclaimed goddess who act as the parents of the household. The goal of “Operation Cozy Family” is to discern who the prophecy applies to, as well as to teach them all about the love of family in hopes of convincing the “Child of Enka” not to destroy the world. But with all families, there’s bound to be mishaps and adventure – especially when the fate of the world is at hand!

Product Details Meet Mameshiba! – This is a guilty pleasure of mine. If you ever check out there are a lot of mameshiba posts. It is this bizarre marketing in Japan that is totally awesome. I am not sure if this will be good or not, but I am excited to find out.
From the Solicitation – Meet Mameshiba! The Japanese sensations are coming to the U.S. in their first-ever graphic novel series! Now that these irresistibly cute, irrepressibly curious characters have been unleashed, there’s no telling where they’ll turn up!

Suicide Forest – There is a real forest where Japanese go to kill themselves. They just wander out into the forest and never come back. I have thought for a while now a really good story could be made from this phenomenon, hopefully El Torres and Gabriel Hernandez deliver.
From the Solicitation – The legend of the Aokigahara forest (which lies just outside of Tokyo) says that those who have committed suicide in the massive wilderness are cursed to have their souls trapped within its very roots. Unfortunately for Alan, his girlfriend, Masami, committed her suicide there and she’s now on a vengeful mission to ruin his life!

Locke and Key: Another manga that I am really looking…oh wait this isn’t manga. Brian and I have both felt that this series has been sliding somewhat. I really hope that this book picks up the pace or I may not be finishing the series.
From the Solicitation –

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