Dark Horse Gets Sneaky (on Tuesdays)

Dark Horse Comics has hidden a promotional code on a comic book profile page within the Dark Horse Digital store. This code will be available for anyone who finds it and can be used during the checkout process to get the comic that the code is linked to, for FREE!

A different code will be available next Tuesday also, and good for that day only.

Dark Horse will release clues about where the codes are located on their Facebook Page corresponding to each day’s Hidden Code.

Here’s how it works:

1. Find the Comic Profile with the hidden Comic Code on the Dark Horse Digital store
2. Write down the Code
3. Put Associated Comic in your Purchase Cart
4. At Checkout, input the Promo Code you found.
5. That comic will now be free!

As an example: They might hide a Promotional Code in the comic profile for Umbrella Academy #1 – That Code will be for a Free copy of Guild #1. Copy the code, find Guild #1 and put it in your purchase cart. When you go to check out, use the promotional code to get the Guild #1 for free. Easy as that!

Last week people found a code for a Usagi Yojimbo comic in the Guild comic profiles in the digital store.

Have fun looking around the Digital Store!

Please note: This promotion code is only good in the Dark Horse Digital Web Store. The App cannot handle Promo codes.

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