Indie Comic Review: The Great Pretenders and Other Stories

>Sometimes dreams really do come true. A few months ago I got to meet one of my internet heroes, Julia Wertz. even better, I got to interview her! Once I got over the fact that she was not the grouchy woman in pajamas that I was expecting, we had a very pleasant conversation. It was a real highlight for me, and something I figured would not be in the cards for quite a long time (what with her living in New York and me living in Portland).

However, I was overjoyed when she was announced as a guest at Stumptown Comics Fest this year. Twice in a year! Joy!

Julia and I chatted a bit. She even was kind enough to do a quick sketch for me. While she was sketching, I spotted it…a Julia Wertz book I didn’t have yet!

The Great Pretenders and Other Stories is a small collection of strips and stories that have appeared on Julia’s site. They serve as a reminder that Wertz is one of the best storytellers working right now. While other auto-bio comics seem pointless and mundane, Wertz plumbs the depths of her past for stories that are unique, yet familiar. From stories of mysteries unsolved, to solving the mysteries of sex, each story in this collection is like the perfect bite of a tasty cake; it is satisfying, but leaves you wanting more.

The Great Pretenders is a fantastic snack. But it reminds me how I cannot wait for Wertz’s next long piece. Do yourself a favor and track down a copyof The Great Pretenders and Other Stories.

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