First Day of Walking Dead Season 2


I know that we do not normally talk about movies and tv shows here on the site.  However, I think that the Walking Dead is a bit of an exception.  Not only is The Walking Dead a fine indie comic, but it also can and should serve as an example for how to create, maintain, and even grow an audience.

Given the recent spate of bad comic movies (Green Lantern immediately comes to mind) the Walking Dead tv show again is something to be looked at as an example.  Is it perfect?  No.  Is it good?  Yes.  Is it entertaining? Yes.  Is it a quality product that is valuable to viewers regardless of their familiarity with the source material?  Yes.  And therein lies the secret.  The Walking Dead tv show works on its own.

My wife has never read the Walking Dead.  She watches the tv show. I may explain to her that, “it didn’t happen that way in the book,” but I have to admit that a: the overall beats of the story are there, and b: it worked in the context of the tv show.  Nothing is ruined for me as a fan of the book because it was done differently on the screen  and nothing is lost on my wife because she does not have the context of the comics to work with.  The Walking Dead tv show stands on its own two feet (or staggers along).

Season 2 has just begun filming.  AMC has released this behind the scenes video.

So, sit back.  Enjoy.  Then go re-read those awesome comics.  It is a long wait until October!

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