Onward Towards Our Noble Interview

Peggy Burns over at the Drawn & Quarterly blog posted this story.

“This past Friday, Marco Werman aired his interview with legendary cartoonist, Shigeru Mizuki. Read the transcript or listen to the interview or since Werman traveled to Japan and interviewed Mizuki in person watch the interview:

It’s a great interview that covers all of what makes Mizuki such an incredible force in the medium. Any review that compares this book to Sergeant Rock and decides: “The war comics of Shigeru Mizuki are very different. They’re more like poetry meets reality” is going to be a good one. The interview also goes on to place ONWARD in the context of contemporary was stories: “Think Terrence Malick’s 1998 war movie “The Thin Red Line” and the philosophy of war expressed by the hard-nosed Sgt. Walsh played by Sean Penn. Remember Sgt. Walsh berating the lower ranking Private Witt for going AWOL?” The interview also features award-winning manga expert Fred Schodt and delves into what Mizuki thinks of manga, and the video includes Mizuki discussing yokai.”

Mizuki is one of the living legends of Manga. To say that he has been an influence is an understatement. Hopefully this book will serve as an introduction to a new generation of readers.

Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths is available now.

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