Top Shelf Announces Underwire

Top Shelf announced today that they are collecting Jennifer Hayden’s webcomic Underwire.

Underwire will collect some of the best comics from her three-year-old webcomic, as well as include some new pages created for the book.

For those unfamiliar with Underwire, it is a collection of slice-of-life stories about a woman in her mid-thirties, and her family.  The art is cartoony in the Dan Pirarro vein, and the humor is very much “been there a million times”.  While it is not the kind of material that will appeal to everyone, it is definitely for an under represented group of people.

Not all comic readers (and especially web-comic readers) are hip twenty-somethings who live in big cities.  Some of us are in our mid-(to upper)thirties and have a life that includes spouses and children.  So, there is an audience that will find Underwire immediately accessible and entertaining.

You can check out a 16 page preview here!

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