Skottie and Scott Make a Comic

The uber-popular sketch blog, Skottie Scott, has just taken an unexpected turn.

The brainchild of Skottie Young and Scott Morse, Skottie Scott has been known for the past six months as the place to go see some creative character re-imagination and some mind-blowing art.   But now it will be known for an experimental web-comic!

From the blog:

“Welcome to the Big Experiment…here, twice weekly, you’ll thrill to the ongoing exploits of Asher and Spittle in their yet-to-be-officially-titled comic by Scott Morse and Skottie Young. We’ve decided to make a departure here at SkottieScott from the re-imagined character designs you’ve come to know and love. Instead, we’re opting to CREATE. We’re opting to OWN. We’re opting to contribute to the entertainment spectrum with something original and hopefully a load of fun for everyone. It is for us, anyhow.

Periodically you’ll find accompanying anecdotes about the creation of the story and characters, but mostly you’ll find the story pages themselves. We’re creating these one page at a time with no outline to work from: we’re shooting from the hip. This could backfire and destroy comics and the internet itself… or succeed and make the internet a better place and comics the medium of choice for storytellers. Or at the very least make you smile twice weekly.

Asher is Skottie’s creation, Spittle is Scott’s creation. The rest is a joint effort written and drawn as we see each other’s work just days before you do.

Scott’s pages will be updated every Monday while Skottie updates his every Friday.  So you’ll start and end each week with new piece of the adventure.”

Here is the first entry:

Find updates Mondays and Fridays at the Skottie Scott blog!

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