Indie Comic Review: Atomic Robo and the Ghost of Station X #2

Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener continue to give a master course on how comics should be. As much fun as the first issue of this volume of Atomic Robo was, the second issue takes an equal turn toward the serious.  However, instead of getting dark and grim, the creators play with the pacing and dialogue to manipulate the tension.    Best of all, it is completely accessible to anyone who picks up the book, regardless of whether or not they read the first issue.

Issue two picks up right where the first ended – with Robo plummeting to earth after his experimental rocket collided with a satellite.  A rescue plan is hatched and Robo’s life hangs in the balance.  Along the way, some truths are revealed about the mission that do not bode well for the heroes.  In addition, the mystery of what happened to Station X continues its slow burn in the background.

Why are other creators and companies not taking notes???  I was rummaging through my longboxes the other night because my daughter asked about the X-Men.  I found it very difficult to find a good entry point for her.  While i think she would like the soap opera aspect of the relationships  (as well as the fight scenes and awesome mutant powers), the books are practically impenetrable.  Not only is Atomic Robo still accessible in volume 6, but this second issue gives the reader everything he or she needs to know in a manner that is effective within the confines of the story.  No clunky exposition.  No unnecessary narrative boxes or recap pages.  Just quality storytelling.

Atomic Robo continues to be a jewel that shines in the  independent comic market.  It is deserving of wider recognition and should be on everyone’s pull list.

Atomic Robo and the Ghost of Station X #2 is available today.  35 pages.  $3.50

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