My Money is on Robin Hood

Publisher Mohawk Media has today released the first issue of its digital comic book series, Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde.

Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde is written by Chris Bunting and illustrated by JL Czerniawski, who previously collaborated on the publisher’s Mr. T graphic novels.

Now, let’s stop right there.  this is one of those cross-over/mash-ups that should be right up my alley.  You have three different characters crossing over, covering three different genres (you could argue Jekyll & Hyde and Dracula are the same, but I always have seen Dracula as more horror and J&H as more science fiction), which should guarantee some interesting and dynamic fight scenes. . .

Until you think about it.

Robin Hood just has to wait for Dracula to bite Jekyll (or Hyde) and turn him in to a vampire.  Then Robin Hood shoots them both with arrows, they turn in to dust, and he goes home to see what Marian is cooking for dinner.

I know that comics are supposed to be about suspension of disbelief (how many times ave we had to do that when Batman and Superman fought and Superman didn’t just float a few inches out of reach of Batman and then blast him with heat vision?).  And bigger is supposed to be better.  But this just seems like a pretty weak idea.

“Like many readers, we miss the days when a clash between the likes of Thing and Hulk generated far more interest than publicity stunts which seem to get in the way of solid storytelling, like ‘killing off’ the hero. We hope to bring that kind of excitement back.”

Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde will initially be a three issue series available monthly exclusively via the publisher’s groundbreaking line of ECO COMICS, with further instalments of the series to be announced.

It is expected to usher in a “versus” range of titles from the publisher.

Ok.  Bets on the next title?  My guess is The Werewolf, The Invisible Man, and the Three Musketeers vs. The Average Joes in a winner takes all game of Dodgeball.  Only on the Ocho!

Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde #1 is a twenty-page issue, and is available to order now in various digital formats via the Eco Comics store: for $1.95

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