Stan Lee and POW! Team With Vuguru

Stan Lee and his company POW! Entertainment Inc.  today announced a partnership to produce original digital content with Michael Eisner’s independent studio Vuguru.  According to the press release, ” [t]he deal brings together two storied powerhouses in the world of entertainment that will produce and distribute studio quality films, episodic series and a variety of digital content across multiple platforms. “While Eisner has some cred as the former head of Disney, and Lee has cred as creator, I’m not sure that either one of them is known for creating particularly good movies.

The best movies from Disney of the past decades were created and produced by Pixar, and the best movies from Stan Lee have been…on SyFy.  Marvel (and Sony and Paramount, etc.), not Stan Lee, created the entertaining super hero movies of the past decades.  Stan Lee created Who Wants to be a Superhero? and Stripperella.

The release continues: “The opportunity to create a collaboration between POW! Entertainment and Vuguru presented an unmistakably unique opportunity. To bring together the iconic Stan Lee brand alongside one of the most innovative digital content studios was a rare and exciting proposition. Their collaboration will certainly lead to a whole new experience in storytelling.” 

It is interesting to me that they are referring to Stan Lee as a brand.  I agree, Stan Lee’s name is more valuable than any of the properties he has created in the past 30 years.  It is the legacy of the first few characters he created, as well as the creative environment he fostered at Marvel, that has been the driving force behind his legacy.  Unfortunately,  I am not sure how that will translate to this new content.  Unless Stan has a few more aces up his sleeve, I worry that this is just going to be another situation where the Stan Lee name is associated, not with greatness, but with direct to video trash.

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