The Party Don’t Stop for Geek Girl Con!

On Wednesday, November 9th at 7:00 p.m., some of your favorite geeky ladies of the small screen take over the big screen at the Central Cinema. GeekGirlCon and Central Cinema will screen TV episodes starring Lisa Simpson, Daria, Codex, and Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman–all for just $5!

All ages welcome for this event at Central Cinema located in Seattle’s Central District at 21st Avenue and East Union Street (1411 21st Avenue).

Here’s what is in store for TV Dinner:

The Simpsons: “Girls Just Want to Have Sums”
Springfield Elemtentary is divided into two separate schools (one for boys, one for girls) following Principal Skinner’s demotion. Concerned that the boys are receiving a higher standard of education, Lisa disguises herself as a boy.

Daria: “Malled”
Daria’s economics class takes a trip to Mall of the Millennium to study supply and demand. Jane discovers the mall executives are actually using them as a focus group. Meanwhile, Quinn and the Fashion Club skip school to visit their mecca.

The Guild: “Cheesybeards”
The Knights of Good finally meet face to face and…it’s awkward.

The Original Wonder Woman: “Pilot” (1975)
Lynda Carter spins her way from Diana Prince into Wonder Woman in the classic TV series pilot. Amazon Princess Diana rescues Major Steve Trevor, a WWII pilot who crashed his plane on Paradise Island in the Bermuda Triangle. Against her mother’s wishes, Diana competes against other Amazons for the opportunity to return the pilot to America.

Contact Kelly at with questions or for more information on this event. To find out more about the Central Cinema, visit


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