Perfect Christmas Present for The Tentacled Love of Your Life

No word on whether or not Moore was wearing the sock-puppet God when he signed the book.

Avatar Press has created the ultimate collectible: the NEONOMICON DUAL-SIGNED HARDCOVER EDITION. Limited to only 200 copies and autographed by both comics legend Alan Moore (Watchmen, V for Vendetta) and superstar artist Jacen Burrows (Crossed: Badlands, Chronicles of Wormwood), this ultra-rare item comes with hardcover artwork not found anywhere else, and is exclusively available to NEONOMICON fans through the online retailer, Comic Cavalcade, through their direct-to-consumer website Remember, to acquire the much-sought-after signature of Alan Moore, you’d normally have to descend into the submerged stone city of R’lyeh and brave a mind-shattering face-to-face with a tentacle-faced Deep One… Why risk madness and death when you can simply place an order online? The signed hardcover edition, pictured at right, retails for $75.00. Autographs from Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows can be found on a special signature page at the front of the book. As with all NEONOMICON graphic novels (including the softcover and unsigned hardcover editions), the full color 176-page graphic novel includes both the original Lovecraftian tale, THE COURTYARD, as well as all four issues of its sequel, NEONOMICON. Available while supplies last! Get your copy of the NEONOMICON DUAL-SIGNED HARDCOVER EDITION by visiting now!


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