Boom! Takes off the Capes in Supurbia

I have to admit that the latest offering from Boom! has me intrigued. I am a sucker for reality TV, and admit that I have watched more than a few episodes of The Real Housewives fo Orange County. So, what goes down when the capes come off? This March, BOOM! Studios launches SUPURBIA — written by Bleeding Cool’s Grace Randolph (Marvel’s NATION X, HER-OES) and drawn by Russell Dauterman — a new series that features the secret lives of the world’s greatest heroes’ spouses!

Housewives to the all-powerful tell all! We all know that behind every great hero is the woman or man who makes their world run. SUPURBIA tells the other side of the superhero story… and a whole lot more. This 4-issue series brings you a look at the private lives of superheroes and the drama, conflict and outrageous behavior of their everyday lives. When the hero’s away…

“So often in superhero comics, the girlfriend or boyfriend is left totally in the dark and unable to participate in their loved one’s heroic activities. But in the real world, significant others not only know what their other half is up to, but they have an opinion!” said writer Grace Randolph. “These couples have a fabulous and fascinating mix of ordinary problems seen through the superhero lens, and superhero problems seen through the ordinary lens. However, what really makes this book soar is that with BOOM! I’m able to push these characters in directions that the bigger publishers simply can’t or won’t. See your favorite archetypes explored as you only wish they could be and should be.”

“Superheros are an institution in comic books. It’s always fun and interesting to tell a story that shows a different side of the genre,” said BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “Grace’s writing is top-notch. It delivers all the drama of a really juicy tabloid story.”

Comics used to have Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane, and Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen, both the titles were basically devices for getting Superman to show up and rescue the aforementioned girlfriend or pal. The books did not really focus on the “title” characters. It will be interesting to see what Randolph and Dauterman are able to accomplish with this.

SUPURBIA #1 by writer Grace Randolph and artist Russell Dauterman will ship in March, with an Alè Garza cover and 32 pages of story for $3.99

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