Paul Tobin Prepares to Die

Paul Tobin, writer of the awesome Gingerbread Girl is taking the plunge in to the world of prose.  He has just completed his first novel, Prepare to Die, and it is slated for release later this year.  Here is the blurb:

It happens in every battle involving a superhero and his deadly arch-nemesis: that moment when a triumphant villain turns his evil gaze on the hero and intones, “Prepare to die!” This time, with the heroic Reaver fighting against Eleventh Hour (a team of villains headed by Octagon, the criminal mastermind) our hero has only one reply… “How long?” This confuses Octagon, who asks what Reaver means, and Reaver responds, “You said I should prepare to die. Sounds fair. How long do I have for my preparations?”

And so starts the story of “Prepare to Die!” wherein Reaver, allowed two weeks to arrange for his now-inevitable death, travels home to Athens, Oregon, a small town where he hasn’t been in over a decade. It’s a small town that celebrates his birthday with a yearly festival. A small town that is secretly still home to the surviving relatives of Paladin, a lovable raconteur of a superhero who was once Reaver’s partner, and who was far more popular with the press and public before his untimely demise. Moreover, Athens is the site of the accident that gave both Reaver and Paladin their powers, and home to Adele Layton, Reaver’s hometown sweetheart, a girl he hasn’t talked to since he left Athens, and the girl he knows he should have married.

But will a man with no future find it easier to reconnect with his past? And how will Octagon’s shocking revelations change Steve’s plans? Most challenging of all, how can Steve simply give up his life when he finds that Adele, the woman he loves, has been waiting for over a decade in the hopes that he would finally… come home?

Tobin promises more to come on his blog including the eventual release of the entire first chapter.  Stay tuned!

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