Script a Comic The Cullen Bunn Way!

Cullen Bunn, writer of the fantastic Sixth Gun comic from Oni Press, shares on his official website his process for moving from plot to script.

In the second column, I add up all the page counts for the scenes. What I end up with, usually, is about 50 pages worth of scenes for a 22-page book.

So the final step (and often a painful one) is to go back and start reducing page counts. Sometimes I have to go through this several times, trimming a page out here and there. Sometimes, I need to combine scenes or cut scenes altogether to make it work.

It is a fascinating look at how a writer struggles with crafting a story that fits the confines of of a 22 page monthly book.  While there is no one “RIGHT WAY” to make a script, his process seems like a great place for any any budding writer to start.  And, it turns out, he got his process from a master:

My script format has changed over the years. I’m always tweaking it to try to find a better way to present the story. But all of the versions I’ve used started with me looking over one of Greg Rucka’s Queen and Country scripts and trying to copy his style. Someone once said my scripts read like technical instructions in terms of the format. You be the judge. They work for me.

His post is incredibly detailed and takes you from the brainstorming phase to the finished product.  Give it a solid read-through!

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