Webreef Hosts Virtual Comic Convention

Webcomics creators, readers and fans are invited to an online meetup this weekend. WEBReeF stands for “WEBcomics, Readers and Fans” and aims to behave much like a “virtual comic convention.”

The event offers 100% free registration and allows attendees the ability to attend virtual panels, Q&A sessions and drawing demonstrations via a variety of video conferencing and social media tools. An “artists alley” is available on the site’s forums, where small press artists are encouraged to post links to their portfolios and merchandise.

Comic book and webcomics creators are encouraged to attend, but the event is open to the public with the hope of bringing in readers and casual fans as well. This is the first such meetup and another is planned for later this year.

The event officially kicks off Friday, February 3, 2012 at 12 Noon EST and ends at the stroke of midnight on Monday, February 6, 2012. If you are interested in hosting a panel of your own, space is still available. Please use the provided contact form on the ‘Events Schedule’ page.

On the web: http://WEBReeF.net

This WEBReeF event is sponsored by Clownfish Media and currently hosted by the Shadowbinders webcomic (http://www.shadowbinders.com)

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