Sharknife is Back! (Free Preview!)

Seven years ago, Cory “The Reyyy” Lewis took conventional comics as we know them, executed a flip-piledriver on the medium, and tossed the industry out of the ring and onto its collective behind. Sharknife was a book like no other, an energetic fight comic with slick sci-fi video game designs and an all-pervasive sense of fun. Most readers didn’t know what hit them, but they knew they wanted more.
Well, good things come to those who wait. This Wednesday, March 28th, Oni Press will publish the long-awaited sequel, Sharknife ZZ, a 168-page epic of mayhem, romance, and cosmic enlightenment. To go along with this stellar premiere, Oni Press will also be returning the original graphic novel to print. For those who missed the awesomeness or who need a refresher on just how awesome it really is, Sharknife: Stage First, the fully loaded and updated edition, will be reclaiming its position on store shelves right alongside its successor.
Sharknife is the alter-ego of Caesar Hallelujah, an unassuming busboy at the Guandong Factory family restaurant. When Caesar eats one of his boss’ famous magic fortune cookies, he’s transformed into the charismatic brawler Sharknife. It’s up to Sharknife to battle the pumped-up monsters that threaten the nightly dinner service at Guandong. In Sharknife ZZ, the big guy already has 100 battles under his belt and it’s time to kick it all up to the next level. If he doesn’t, Ombra the Orcasword may finally get the best of him, and there is apparently another Hallelujah waiting in the wings for just such an occasion.
Sharknife ZZ is a black-and-white, digest sized graphic novel out this week, March 28th, for the kindly retail price of $11.99. Aong with the similarly priced new edition of Sharknife: Stage First, you’ll get a face full of fight this week at your favorite comic shop or books store.
To celebrate the release of the books, Corey Lewis will be a special guest at the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, WA, on March 30 through April 1 where you can find him all weekend at Table: J-13. If you’re looking for a peak at the originals you’ll find an art gallery in Portland, OR at Floating World Comics opening April 5th through April 25th with an opening night galla featuring a Corey Lewis signing.
Check out this 18 page preview!
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