Archaia Announces Creative Team For Hawken Prequel

Archaia announces creative team for HAWKEN prequel Archaia Entertainment announced the creative team behind HAWKEN, the original graphic novel prequel to Adhesive Games’ upcoming free-to-play, mech, first-person shooter (FPS) from indie game publisher Meteor Entertainment.

Hawken is the story of a human-colonized planet that has been industrialized to the point of collapse. This crumbling world sets the stage for an ongoing hunt for vital resources and a brutal battle for survival. Written by Jeremy Barlow (Mass Effect: Homeworlds, Star Wars), the epic tale will span three decades, capturing key moments in the ambitious rise and tragic fall of this post-apocalyptic world and the pivotal few who determined its fate.

Each key moment in the story will be presented by a new artist, whose unique style and mood fits the tone of the unfolding events. The anthology boasts an impressive army of visual talent, including Federico Dallocchio (Starcraft, Modern Warfare 2: Ghost, Suicide Squad), Nathan Fox (DMZ, The Haunt), Stefano Gaudiano (Daredevil, Amazing Spiderman), Michael Gaydos (Alias, True Blood), Bagus Hutomo (Shrapnel, Heavy Metal), Christopher Moeller (Iron Empires, JLA: League of One), Moritat (Elephantmen, Transmetropolitan), Alex Sanchez (Star Wars: The Old Republic, JSA Classified), Brian Thies (Winter Soldier, Dark Tower), Greg Tocchini (Last Days of American Crime, X-Force), and Francisco Ruiz Velasco (Inhumans, conceptual artist on Hellboy 2, The Hobbit, and Pacific Rim).

The graphic novel will release in March 2013, following the game’s debut on 12-12-12. Aside from serving as the game’s narrative counterpart, the book will offer a veritable survivor’s guide for gamers—character profiles, weapon stats and schematics, maps, glossaries, strategies, and keys to unlocking special bonuses and feature in-game. The overall reading experience is designed to not only welcome fans into the Hawken universe, but equip them with exclusive tips and tools that enrich their overall enjoyment of the game as well.

Overseeing the creation of the graphic novel are DJ2 Entertainment and Eisner Award-nominated writer/artist and Co-Founder of Adhesive Games, Khang Le (Flight Vol. 2). “We’ve had a blast extrapolating the core fiction as envisioned by creative director Khang Le and his team at Adhesive, and wanted to make sure the extended universe we developed alongside Archaia was as captivating and provocative as the game itself,” said Dan Jevons, DJ2 Co-CEO.

DJ2 brought in Joe LeFavi of Quixotic Transmedia to develop a publishing strategy for Hawken, whose passion for the material and credibility as a brand builder in the publishing space made him the obvious choice. Quixotic later sealed the deal with frequent collaborator Archaia Black Label, a division of Archaia designed to help entertainment brands launch and expand into publishing. LeFavi will serve as Archaia’s Transmedia Producer and Executive Editor on the book alongside Archaia’s own Publisher, Mike Kennedy. “It’s rare to see a gaming brand take story so seriously from day one,” said Kennedy, who spent 18 years as a Producer in the video game industry. “That’s why we pulled out the stops and put together such a phenomenal creative team. Hawken has created an incredible world and we intend to do it justice.”

Archaia hosted a panel at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) in Chicago, IL on Friday, April 13 and debuted an exclusive preview of the game and graphic novel. Archaia also plans to distribute four limited-edition Hawken posters during key conventions throughout 2012. Each poster will feature original art from Khang Le, and together play a unique role in the game’s closed beta release in October 2012. The first of four posters premiered at C2E2.

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