Indie Comic Review: 3 Story – Secret Files of the Giant Man

The graphic novel 3 Story was my introduction to Matt Kindt.  From there I devoured Super Spy, Revolver, The Tooth, and anything else I could get my hands on.  But 3 Story is probably some of his strongest work.

The graphic novel told the life story of the world’s tallest man, Craig Pressgang.  But, instead of focusing on Craig himself, the story was told from the perspective of three women in his life: his mother, his wife, and his daughter.  It was their pont of view that made the book so special.  Because of his height and celebrity status, Craig was always at arm’s length from everyone else.  As his arms grew longer, his distance from the rest of humanity continued to increase until he was a veritable recluse.  The detached storytelling method made the situation much more believable and personal than had Kindt chosen to make 3 Story a straight-forward biography.

Kindt’s giant man is back in the one-shot, 3 Story: Secret Files of the Giant Man from Dark Horse.  It collects three stories originally published in MySpace Dark Horse Presents.  These short stories are filled with the same bittersweet reminiscing that fills Kindt’s early works. As before, Kindt relates the events of Craig’s life through the people who knew him “best”.  But, in the end, they never were that close to him.  They were outsiders, insignificant pawns in the larger game that was Craig’s life.

Kindt’s water color art adds to the reminiscing feel of the book.  Bathed in browns and muted colors, the world of the giant man seems one step removed from our own, not by distance, but by time.

For people who did not read the original graphic novel, this one-shot is the perfect sampler.  It gives the feel of the story without having to have any previous knowledge.  It is also the perfect add-on for retailers who want to  up-sell based on Kindt’s added exposure in the DC relaunch.  A display of this book at the front counter and a casual mention to anyone picking up issues of Men of War should make for a quick sale!

Be sure to pick up your copy in comic shops today!

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