Indie Comic Review: The Secret History of DB Cooper #2

Seriously. What the hell?

Every time I read The Secret History of DB Cooper I end up scratching my head and trying to puzzle out what just happened. It isn’t that Brian Churilla is doing a bad job of telling the story. Not at all. He is just telling a story that is so complex and obfuscated that there is no way that any sane person could make heads or tails of it. And that is just the way I like it!

One of the things I enjoyed so much about Rick Remender’s Fear Agent was that I never had any idea what was going to happen next. No matter how much information Remender revealed, I always felt like my brain was on the verge of caving in from all the twists, turns, and surprises along the way. If I was feeling like that, it’s no wonder Heath Houston drank so much!

The Secret History of DB Cooper is a lot like that.

There are plenty of revelations in this second issue. We learn how Cooper met the one-eared bear from the first issue. We learn the identity of the girl from the first issue. We even begin to get an explanation of the uniqueness of Cooper’s abilities. But, with all that information at our disposal, we are still not any closer to a greater understanding of the story.

The mystery continues to deepen. Churilla is showing us that the questions we had after the first issue were not the important questions.

This book is on my “must read” list until further notice. Go out, buy this book. Or else DB Cooper will invade your mind next.

Check out our interview with Brian Churilla as well as this 6 page preview!

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