Jamie Rich Has Got “IT” Going On

According to Rich, it “[l]ooks like the cat is out of the side holster.”

Jamie Rich is bringing back It Girl and the Atomics.

Launching in July, and straight out of the pages of Madman, comes a new ongoing series starring everyone’s favorite Atomic: It Girl. It Girl and the Atomics is written by me, drawn by Mike Norton, lettered by Crank!, and colored by Allen Passalaqua (the team behind Battlepug!). Covers are by Mike and Laura Allred.

Check out the two sample pages!

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2 Responses to Jamie Rich Has Got “IT” Going On

  1. Frank Einstein says:

    iT Girl needs the ALLREDs, that’s all there is to it.

    • admin says:

      It is going to be interesting to see the project come to life without them. However, I know Jamie Rich is a HUGE fan, so I am sure that he is going to bring his “A” game. Don’t embarrass me Jamie!

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