Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder Wins L.A. Book Prize

Finder: Voice continues to be one of the most talked about books of last year, and word of its story andartwork has spread far and wide. And, now that award season is upon us, it looks like heaps of praise will continue to fall upon the book!  It was just announced that Carla Speed McNeil has been awarded the prestigious Los Angeles Times Book Prize in the Graphic Novel category for Finder: Voice!

In addition to the LA Times Book Prize, it has also received the following nominations and awards:



Unshelved Book Club’s Book of the Month, February 2012—Unshelved
#1 on Comics Worth Reading’s Best Graphic Novels of 2011—Comics Worth Reading
#2 on Comics Bulletin’s Top 10 Best Graphic Novels of 2011—Comics Bulletin
#4 on Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2011, Comics—Publishers Weekly
#4 on ComicsAlliance’s 11 Best Comics of 2011—ComicsAlliance
#29 on Comic Book Resources’ Top 100 Comics of 2011—Comic Book Resources

Check out our interview with CSM to hear about Finder and the unique way she goes about creating its world.

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