Duplicate Arrives From Kickstart in July

Duplicate GNMark Sable (Graveyard of Empires) has a new graphic coming out in July, a sci-fi/espionage book called DUPLICATE from Kickstart Comics, with art by Andy MacDonald (Terminator, NYC Mech) and colors by Nick Filardi (GROUNDED, HAZED)

DUPLICATE is the story of a seemingly average guy who learns he’s a robot. But not just any robot – a robot replica for Agent Zekiel Dax, the world’s deadliest secret agent.

Unlike, the Life Model Decoys that S.H.I.E.L.D. uses, Zekiel’s Duplicate wasn’t created to be used in the field or fake his death. The Duplicate was designed to safeguard Agent Dax’s family and otherwise provide cover while he’s off saving the world.

When agent Dax is captured, The Duplicate is forced to rescue him…only to learn that the spy he was created to replace is a reckless, gambling, womanizing gun for hire. When the “family” the Duplicate was programmed to protect is put in jeopardy, this unlikely pair has to team up to save them.

Decoy GN

If DUPLICATE sound familiar, that’s because it was originally going to come out December under the title “DECOY”. It is being re-solicited in May Previews, and will be the first Kickstart book printed as a full sized graphic novel rather than a digest-sized OGN at $8.99 for 88 pages.

For people  of you waiting for the fourth and final issue of GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES by Sable and Azaceta, Paul Azaceta’s art is completely done and is in the process of being colored and lettered. The book should be out in June.


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