Paris in the 20th Century page 30

Whew! She’s alive! Ana’s not going to let a little thing like an electrical blast from a gauntlet slow her down!

Saw The Artist last night. (Yes, I know I am a little behind on my movie watching. Should see the Avengers by August or so.) Really got me thinking about the 1930′s and all the possibilities. The world changed dramatically from the twenties to the 30′s, particularly in Europe. Not only did technology change, but the entire political climate of the continent changed as Hitler moved in to power and Germany started to rebuild.

Keri and I have already started work on the sequel to Paris n the 20th Century. It will actually be set a few years before the events in this book. However, after that I believe we will be moving forward in time and taking a look at what Paris in the 1930′s was like. Or, Paris in the world of Ana DuPre!

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