Indie Comic Review: Cold Wind

Cold Wind by Jesse Lonergan and Dan Mazur – $6.00

Cold Wind is everything that a self-contained story should be.  It has clearly defined characters, a rising and falling action, a satisfying conclusion, and an emotional punch that lingers after the book is closed.  Best of all, creators Dan Mazur and Jesse Lonergan make it all seem effortless.

In the simplest terms, Cold Wind is the story of an assassin who is sent to murder the king of an ice-covered land.  The results will have wide-ranging consequences for the world, but very personal consequences for the man who hired the assassin.

The script by Mazur strikes a balance between allowing the art to tell the story, and trusting the reader to fill in the pieces.  It is a land where bears and wolves walk on their hind legs, and castles are made of ice.  Yet the politics and cloak and dagger are all too real-world.  Mazur saves all the talking for the second half of the book where the actions and machinations  of a lifetime are put in perspective.

The art by Lonergan is deceptively simple.  What looks like simple cartoonish drawings of the figures is actually a study in caricature work.  Each person is completely different than the rest.  And each face belies character trais that would take paragraphs of exposition to relate.

Cold Wind is a great debut from Mazur and Lonergan.  It is a tense adventure with an emotional hook at the end.  I can’t wait to see what these two creators come up with next!   You can order Cold Wind from Ninth Art Press.

Click here for some sample pages!

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