Indie Comic Review: Fatima: The Blood Spinners #1

Fatima: THe blood Spinners #1 by Gilbert Hernandez – Dark Horse – $3.50

Fatima: The Blood Spinners is Gilbert Hernandez’s sci-fi take on the zombie genre. People become infected via a drug called “Spin” which offers the ultimate high but at the ultimate price. Those who take the drug become zombie-like creatures who kill all in their path. Fatima was an agent with a police-type organization. However, something went wrong on a mission a few months ago, and now she is the only agent left in a world gone mad.

Fatima: The Blood Spinners works as a dystopian sci-fi book. It has a large scope and feel to it that makes it feel like it should be a movie. There is action, intrigue, and a solid hook to keep the reader interested. The world of F:TBS is close enough to our own that it is immediately identifiable. However there is just enough sci-fi tech thrown in that it becomes clear this in not quite our world after all. The plot, coupled by the world-building would already be enough to have me hooked, but the character of Fatima is what really makes the book special.

For so long, the zombie genre has been saturated with “ragtag groups of people trying to survive”. Fatima is not just a survivor, she is a soldier. She is a killer. She is out on the streets killing the killers. In short, she is an action hero. She is Sarah Connor. She is Alice. She is Ripley. She is everything that a confident action hero should be.

The other thing that sets Fatima: The Blood Spinners apart is the art. The art is rough, raw, and unlike anything else on the shelves. For some people that is going to be a problem. It is not nearly as flashy or polished as what most people are used to. There is a distinctly “indie” or “zine” feel to the art. The proportions are wrong. The work seems flat. Angles are not where they should be. But for some reason it works. Maybe it is the story. Maybe it is the first-person element of the narration that makes the reader feel like Fatima may actually be the one drawing the book. Or maybe it is that the story does not require highly rendered and photoshopped art to be a successful storytelling experience.

Despite my initial reaction to the art the story and character of Fatima have me hooked. I will be back next month toread more of this sci-fi zombie epic. You can pick up your copy of Fatima: The Blood Spinners #1 at your local comic shop today.

Interested in a preview? Click here for a six page preview.

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