Jamie Rich Takes Commissions

Leave it to Jamie Rich (Spell Checkers, You Have Killed Me, Bobby Pins and Mary Janes, the best hair in comics) to come up with a new twist on an old idea. Jamie Rich is now accepting commissions.

That’s right. Original commissions. From a writer. For you to purchase.

“The idea has been percolating for some time,” Jamie says. “It’s been suggested to me that I should start writing quick, personalized pieces of fiction at conventions. As a writer, I sit there all day watching my artist friends draw and make cash, while I try to get by on hustling books. Such is the life of a comics scribe.”

The concept is based around the “Romantica” series by Jamie S. Rich & Christine Norrie. “I wrote these short pieces by taking Christine’s drawings and writing what came to mind while looking at them.”

Rich proposes to do the same for the general public. Short fiction pieces, slices of life, captured moments.

“And here’s how I propose to do it:

* You send me a prompt. This can be a word or a sentence; it can be a drawing or a photo you like; it can be your own sketch. Anything goes. It doesn’t have to be romantic. It can have a genre element, it can be free form.

* I take the prompt and I write the piece. It might be really short, it might be longer, but it will be yours and yours only.

* I print the story on nice paper. Not flimsy copy paper. Nice paper with a little tooth. I mail it to you flat. Signed. Personalized if you like. Ideally, each piece will fit on one sheet so you can frame it.

More details can be found at Rich’s site.I’m thinking of having him write me a story with a Corgi, Burt Reynolds, and a block of Vleveeta. That should give him enough to work with. Maybe I could also commission Joelle Jones to make an accompanying illustration…

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